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6 Best Times to Drink Water

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6 Best Times to Drink Water

It should go without denying that, to keep hydrated, we should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. But do you know there are specific times when drinking water can best improve your overall health? In this post, I’d like to reveal to you six optimal water drinking times throughout the day.


Drink Soon After You Wake Up

This is your first glass of water in a day, and it can wonders for our bodies, both internally and externally.


Studies found that drinking in the morning helps to jumpstart your brain and body out of sleep mode, and into work mode. It also gets rid of any toxins and stubborn free radicals that have accumulated in your circulatory system overnight, and helps to clean and purify your body’s internal organs.


Drink Before You Eat


Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before you eat help with digestion and keep you slim. Not only does the water prepare your intestines for the food, it also prevents you from overeating, since the water can make you feel fuller.


Drink Before a Workout (and After)


During your workout, one or more glasses of water help to protect against dehydration. After your workout, it replaces the fluids lost through sweat and humidity.


Drink Before Bath Time


Drinking one glass of water before taking a bath can help lower blood pressure.


Drink Before Bedtime


Drinking a glass of water helps to reduce the occurrence of heart attack and stroke, studies have showed. Heart attack occurs mostly in the morning when your blood becomes thicker due to loss of water. Hence, to keep your body hydrated while you are sleeping, dink water ahead of bedtime.


Drink When You Are Tired


Drinking a glass of water when you are tired helps to refresh you, and further improve your work efficiency.


Water plays an important role in keeping and improving our overall health, so we need to drink it in an appropriate manner. To access to safe and healthy water, I recommend you to use Mountain Flow refrigerator water filter to remove contaminants in tap water. This brand has been certified by the NSF, and affordable to ordinary American households. Click here to know more.

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