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Do I Need to Flush My New Refrigerator Water Filter?

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Do I Need to Flush My New Refrigerator Water Filter?

 Do I Need to Flush My New Refrigerator Water Filter

When replacing your refrigerator water filter, I always recommend that you “flush” it before use. This means you should run water through your filter several times before using it to purify your drinking water.


But do you know why I make the suggestion? Here’s the answer.


No matter what model your refrigerator is, the water filter on it most likely consist of activated carbon.


When your water filter is properly installed, water runs through the carbon to sift out any particles and contaminants picked up before it enters your refrigerator.


However, manufacturing and shipping can cause the activated carbon to knock loose. This can lead to the first few glasses of filtered water containing bits of carbon which makes it to look cloudy and gray. While the carbon bits are unlikely to harm your health, most people, I believe, are reluctant to drink it as it can leave a weird taste.

 activated carbon

To sum up, to keep your filtered water safe and fresh, you need to flush your new refrigerator water filter before use.


Here I have a high-quality and affordable refrigerator water filter brand recommended to you. That is Mountain Flow (MF). Filters on its shopping site have all been certified by the NSF to remove nearly 99% contaminants in tap water. More importantly, now spending no more than $20 you can bring an MF water filter home. Click here to know more.

Mountain Flow water filter

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