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Does Drinking Lemon Water Help Promote Weight Loss?

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Lemon water is a beverage made from water mixed with fresh lemon juice. It comes with a great many health benefits, including improving digestion, enhancing focus and increased energy levels.


Among the public, there’s a saying that goes “Drinking lemon water helps promote weight loss.” Thus, many people choose to drink this kind of beverage instead of other drinks for a slim figure.


But is that saying scientifically correct? The straight answer is “No”.


Lemon water is generally considered as a very low-calorie beverage and can make you feel full in the same way as regular water.


Unfortunately, it does nothing more than hydrate your body and provide vitamin C, according to studies.


Drinking lemon water regularly throughout the day can only help with weight loss if you are consuming it in place of sweetened beverages such as ice-blended coffee drinks, energy drinks, and soft drinks.


Besides, if you suffer from hyperacidity in your stomach, you should avoid drinking lemon water on an empty stomach, as this will only make the problem worse.


To sum up, lemon water can’t help promote weight loss, so there’s no need for you to get hooked it while attempting to shrug off fat.


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