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Drinking too much or too little water may be bad for your health.

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Drinking too much or too little water may be bad for your health.

Many people like drinking a glass of ice waterice waterice water after getting up in the morning to refresh themselves. But do you know by doing so your intestines and StomachstomachStomach can be irritated?

 Get up in the morning

It’ s suggested that you should drink water whose temperature is close to that inside your room, and drink warm water to reduce irritation to your intestines and stomach. Relevant departments have found that it’ s easier for warm water to pass through the cytomembranecytomembranecytomembrane of the human body, a phenomenon that can promote metabolism and strengthen immunityimmunityimmunity.

 Drink water

Those who are used to drinking warm water have been found to have more active deoxyribozyme in their bodies, better metabolism and less lactic acid in their muscular tissuesmuscular tissuesmuscular tissues.


How much water should you drink a day?


Generally speaking, mana healthy manman should drink at least 7- 8 glasses of water - about 2.5 litres - a day. Entirely dependent on your weight, the amount (ml) equals your weight multiplying 30.


For instance, if an adult weighs 60kg, he needs to drink 1800 ml of water a day. On condition of strenuous exercisestrenuous exercisestrenuous exercise or hot weather, the amount should increase.


Enough intake of water is of great importance to your HealthyhealthHealthy, but excessive drinking can cause overhydration which lead to water intoxication, though it’ s not common in real life.


Our body is able to maintain overall balance on its own, including that of fluids and electrolytes in bloodbloodblood.


Electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, chlorine and magnesium, are great for keeping muscle contraction, nervous system functions and the balance of acid and base in the body.


If you drink too much water, sodium can be diluted in overhydration, resulting in hyponatremia.


Symptoms of hyponatremia may initially be mild, such as nausea or bloating. They can become severe, especially when sodium level suddenly drops. Among them are fatigue, erratic gait, irritability, confusion, convulsions and water intoxication.


Of course, it’ s rare to develop hyponatremia by drinking water. But it’ s possible if you Drink waterdrink too muchDrink water.


How can you tell if you need to reduce your water intake?


If you find yourself urinating more at night, it’ s time to reduce your intake of water. Also, completely colorless urine is another reason for you to reduce your water intake.


Do you know the proper way to drink water?


We highly recommend you to drink a glass of water after getting upgetting upgetting up in the morning, because a huge amount of water in your body can be consumed in the process of producing urine and breathing at night. But the very thing you need to note is that for your health, you should sip rather than guzzle water.

 Early morning

To keep your drinking water safe, we also recommend you to regularly change your refrigerator water filters.

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