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Your filter must be replaced regularly or it will endanger your health - Mountain Flow

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Your filter must be replaced regularly or it will endanger your health - Mountain Flow

The importance of changing your water filterrefrigerator water filterwater filter on time


Due to the remote location of your linkrefrigerator water filterlink on your refrigeratorrefrigeratorrefrigerator, many of you might often ignore changing it on a regular basis.


But you must be aware of the importance of routinely changing your water filter to your health. Once your water filter expires, it won’ t filter water effectively as before, and becomes a breeding place for bacteriabacteriabacteria instead.


The longer you use your water filter, the more bacteria would remain in the device, further polluting water passing through it.

 A large number of bacteria


ManufacturersManufacturers’Manufacturers suggested replacement frequency - every six months - is just an average in the US; it can vary widely based on factors such as the quantity of contaminants in you water. In general, the more polluted your water is, the more frequent you should change your water filter.


You may visit linkwikiHowlink for information on the water quality in your city.


When should you change your water filterrefrigerator water filterwater filter?


On average, you should change your water filter every six months or every 300 gallons of water.


The reason for that is once your water filter reaches its expiration date, it would be clogged by contaminants and even become a hotbed of bacteriabacteria.


At that time, you water filterwater filterwater filter will not only become less efficient at filtering water, but also affect water flow.


If you have a big familybig familybig family, you may need to change your water filterwater filterwater filter more frequently than normal since the device is very likely to have filtered 300 gallons of water in less than three months.


 Two girls are drinking water


In addition, due to the facts that water is a daily necessity and childrenchildrenchildren are more vulnerable to bacteria, we should act to keep the safety of water.



If your water tastes odd, that means you need to change your water filter because it might have stopped working.


What water filters are available on the marketmarketmarket?


There are five main water filterwater filterswater filter available on the market: activated carbon filter, reverse osmosis filter, water ion filter, ultraviolet filter and infrared filter.


Among them, activated carbon filter and reverse osmosis filter are most commonly used.


Activated carbon serves to remove large particles such as rust and sludge from water. It achieves this by absorbing the contaminantscontaminantscontaminants and leaving them in the water filter.


Activated carbon filter’ popularity is all thanks to its efficiency at reducing chlorine in the water and removing unpleasant odors.


 water filter



Reverse osmosis filter differs from other filters in that it uses a semi- permeable membrane to filter water.


Its approach is to filter water by forcing water through the semi-permeable membrane and leaving impuritiesimpuritiesimpurities in the filter.


The results of not replacing your water filter after it expires


Your water filterwater filterwater filter will be clogged if you fail to change it in time after expiration. Sediments in your water filter could prevent water from passing through the device and further slow the water flow.


Meanwhile, due to the wearing out of your water filter, contaminants accumulated in it could enter your water, giving it a strange taste or odor.


In most cases, your iceiceice looks clear. But it would become overly cloudy if your water filter reaches its expiration date and is filled with various pollutants. Timely changing it can address the problem.


 A pile of ice


Normally, 8 ounces of water can pass through your water filterwater filterwater filter in 7 seconds. If the device is clogged or partially clogged, the water flow will slow down.


Any failure to routinely change your water filter will do harm to your health and safety. The water filter is used to remove pollutants, heavy metals and chemicals such as excessive chlorine and lead from water.


If you don’ t replace it regularly, it will not protect you from these contaminantscontaminantscontaminants. Because your tap water may contain carcinogens.

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