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How do I Know If My Refrigerator Water Filter is Bad?

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How do I Know If My Refrigerator Water Filter is Bad?

 Refrigerator water filter bad

The refrigerator water filter has become an essential appliance in many households in the United States, especially since it helps to keep our drinking water safe and fresh. But as non-professionals, you might be unable to know if your filter is bad or not. To help address the problem, I would like to edit this post to offer some detection methods.


In general, there are five signs you need to pay attention to in terms of confirming whether your refrigerator water filter still works.


The indicator light is on

 refrigerators comes with indicator lights

Many new refrigerators come with indicator lights that are designed to tell you when you need to replace your water filter. In some cases, the indicator light is on when your filter expires (six months) or is not working. When the light is on, you need to realize your filter is failing to remove contaminants as it is used to, and you should replace it with a new one.


Your water dispenser is slow


The longer time your refrigerator water filter serves to purify water, the more impurities might cover your filter. When you notice it’s taking longer and longer to fill your glass, it might be some problems with your filter, and you need to change it.


Your ice is gross


Often, when your refrigerator water filter stops to work, the quality and quantity of the ice would be affected. If your ice maker always seems to be out of ice, or if that ice is overly cloudy or has a weird taste or odor, you need to check whether your filter is still well-performed.


Your water tastes odd

 Your water tastes odd

Perhaps the best measure of whether your refrigerator water filter is bad or not is your own taste buds. If your water starts tasting odd to you, just replace the filter since it is failing to have your water properly filtered.


Refrigerator water filters can remove contaminants, heavy metals, and chemicals such as excessive chlorine and lead from water. A bad one can affect you and your family’s health and safety and risk you taking in harmful pollutants.


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