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How to Turn Tap Water into Drinking Water?

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How to Turn Tap Water into Drinking Water?

Tap water can contain many harmful chemicals. It may expose you to bacteria, heavy metals and other contaminants that relate to serious illnesses. Thus, turning your tap water into healthy drinking water becomes important, but how can we achieve that? In this post, I’d like to offer you some effective suggestions.



Boiling is a reliable way to purify your tap water. However, this method uses fuel and could take a while. Moreover, on summer days, it is not actually appealing to drink hot water. Furthermore, you will need to filter the water to remove all solid particles especially if the water was taken from a doubtful water source.

boiling water


Using Chlorine Drops

Chlorine can be used to kill bacteria in your tap water, but you need to make sure to drip the appropriate amount of drops as it can also be toxic if used too much. Besides, it takes about thirty minutes before you can drink the treated water.



Using Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light can kill the bacteria in your tap water. It is very easy to carry with you and so simple to use. But the problem is that you have to regularly replace the batteries, and the solid particles in the water can’t be filtered.

Ultraviolet Light


Using Refrigerator Water Filters

Refrigerator water filters are effective in removing bacteria from water. Their carbons can get rid of harmful chemicals and funny odors as long as you replace them regularly.


filter 2


To sum up, the best way to clean your tap water is to use refrigerator water filters. They can not only save your money but also guarantee the safety of your drinking water.


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