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Water quality problems: tap water can be safely drinking after being filtered by filters

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Water quality problems: tap water can be safely drinking after being filtered by filters

tap waterTap watertap water might be safer than Bottled Waterbottled waterBottled Water

Many of us may have a big misunderstanding about tap watertap watertap water, thinking it’ s unsafe and opting to purchasing bottled waterbottled waterbottled water. However, a survey by the authorities shows that in 2018 most US cities’ tap water reached the standard of Drink watersafe drinking waterDrink water.

Dripping faucet

According to data from the Natural Resources Defense CouncilNatural Resources Defense CouncilNatural Resources Defense Council, about 25% of bottled water is made of tap water. Due to the relatively looser federal laws regulating bottled water manufacturers, your purchased Bottled Waterbottled waterBottled Water is very likely another form of tap water.

Bottled water can cause great Environmental pollutionpollution to the environmentEnvironmental pollution, especially since most manufactures use disposable plastic bottles disposable plastic bottlesdisposable plastic bottles while making it. The only way to handle the bottles is to burnBurn.

Plastic bottles scattered all over the place

However, incineration can create harmful gasesharmful gasesharmful gases, and further pollute global natural water supply. Afraid of purchasing polluted natural water which can potentially cause serious illness, many people choose bottled water as their drinking water, which can add up plastic plastic water bottlewater bottle garbageplastic water bottle. By repeatedly doing so, a vicious cycle formsloop.

Bottled water is energy- consumingenergy

In the process of manufacturing and transportingtransportingtransporting bottled water, a number of problems can take place, such as consuming a large amount of oiloiloil to make plastic bottles and ship these products from water source to sales areas.

 Meanwhile, handling plastic water bottle garbage needs a mass of energy, and over- production can cause water shortage in the water sourceWater shortage.

Vehicle refueling

Problems with tap water

In many cityUS citiescity, tap water can reach the standard of safe drinking water, but after leaving water treatment plants it is often polluted by microorganismmicroorganismmicroorganism in old and rusty water supply lines, according to estimates.

 In some areas, Water pipewooden water pipesWater pipe are still in service, making tap water more accessible to pollution. The worst is that many water treatment plants add chlorine or fluorine to tap water to kill bacteriabacteriabacteria in it. Although the chemicals are not likely to harm your body too much, frequent intake can potentially cause serious illnessHospital.

Wood Pipeline

Popular refrigerator water filterwater filterswater filter

There are three main refrigerator water filters on the market: activated carbon filter, reverse osmosis filter and ion filter. Among them, activated carbon filter is the most commonly used. Its carbon cartridge has many pores inside to absorb contaminants. It’s said that a gram of carbon can cover three Volleyball Coursevolleyball courtsVolleyball Course.

A Can of Activated Carbon

water filterActivated carbon filterwater filter is effective at removing odd odor and chlorine from water, but unable to deal with common inorganic pollutants such as arsenic, fluoride, hexavalent chromium, nitrates and perchlorates.

Refrigerator water filter is not only save moneymoney-saving, but also environmental protectionenvironmentally-friendlyenvironmental protection

Activated water filter is enough to keep your drinking water safe in current tap water quality circumstance. So you can be reassured to drink filtered water by a reusable plastic bottle.

After drinking 20-30 bottles of water, you will find you have saved the costs of a reusable plastic bottle and a refrigerator water filter. Yes! Using filter is not only save moneymoney- savingsave money, but also environmentally- friendly compared with purchasing bottled water. Of course, your filter must be replaced regularly, otherwise it will lead to bacterial growth.

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