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What kind of Fridge by MT-flowrefrigeratorFridge by MT-flowwater filters are

Top choiceworth purchasingTop choice?

Best fridge water filter on MT-flow


Those ensure High qualitythe qualityHigh quality of filtered water:

There are three kinds of refrigerator water filters on the market: Activated carbon filter, Reverse osmosis filter and Anion filter. Among them, activated carbon filter is the most commonly used.

It is made of activated carbon activated carbon activated carbon effective at removing chlorine and other unpleasant smells and tastes from tap water. The chemical structure of carbon allows it a large surface area - one gram of carbon can cover three volleyball courts after being spread out.

Activated carbon

Activated carbons are classified on the basis of their efficiency - some of them are great for absorbing contaminants in the Tap watertap waterTap water, while others are not. Coconut shellCoconut shellCoconut shell activated carbon has been proved to have the best filtration effects.

cocount shells


It uses quality Coconut shellcoconut shellCoconut shell as raw material and employs State-of-the-art technologies from MT-flowstate-of-the-art technologiesState-of-the-art technologies from MT-flow in the process of production. Coconut shell activated carbon is black in surface, in granular form, has many pores inside, and features efficiency at absorbing contaminants in the tap water, eco-friendliness and economy. Therefore, it should be your Best choice first choice Best choice in purchasing water filter. However, due to its remote location, coconut shell activated carbon is a bit more expensive than ordinary wooden activated carbon which is less efficient at filtration.


Fast filtration rateThose that have fast filtration rateFast filtration rate

Only when your water filter has fast filtration rate can you have enough safe water to drink. If the water flow is very slow even before the expiration date, the design of your water filter is not reasonable.


But if the water flow is normal at first, and becomes increasingly slow as time goes by, your water filter is clogged, and you need to replace it with a new one.

Fridge filter


WaterThose able to soften your hard waterWater

First, let’ s have a look at the differences between hard water and soft water. Hard water usually contains many calcium and magnesium ions which make it more refreshing to drink, while soft water contains few of the substance and usually Tast goodtastes odorlessTast good.

So should we go for hard water? Certainly not. Drinking hard water for a long time can increase the likelihood of developing calculus. Although hard water can supply calcium ions calcium calcium ions and magnesium ions for our body, we can get enough of the substance from health food vegetables and meat health food.

Therefore, we should drink soft water.

There’ s a simple way to tell if the filtered water is soft or hard. Prepare a cup of hot water, add soapy water to it and gently stir the mixture. If bubbles appear, it is soft water; if scums appear, it is hard water - the more scums appear, the harder your water is.

soft or hard water filter


Those able to remove Contaminants from tap water contaminants Contaminants from tap water from tap water

For your and your family’ s health, you must ensure that your water filter can remove most contaminants from tap water, especially when you have children. They are more vulnerable to falling ill after drinking polluted water.


One of the best ways to test the filtration capacity of a water filter is to see if it is NSF certified.

Identification of NSF


As a neutral third- party, the NSF’ s certification has been recognized by 13 authoritative national- level or industrial organizations such as American National Standards Institutes (ANSI), Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Standards Council of Canada.


Best choiceThose of good qualityBest choice

On average, water filters should be changed at least every six months or every 200-300 gallons of water. But it can vary widely based on factors such as the quantity of contaminants in your water as well as how much water you and your family drink. When the water flow slows down or odd odors emerge, you need to replace it with a new one.(Buy a new one on Best choicemy storeBest choice.)

Above are our suggestions on selecting water filters. What’ s your opinions?

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