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Where to Buy Refrigerator Water Filters?

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If you’ve ever bought and replaced refrigerator water filters, you know it’s not easy to find a perfect brand - both affordable in price and effective in purification. Normally, an ideal filter brand not only saves your money but also protects you and your family from contaminants in tap water.


To help you guys address the problem of not knowing how to find filters with the highest cost performance, in this post I’d like to give you some suggestions. I hope they’ll be useful to you.


Why Google?

google logo

While searching for the perfect refrigerator water filter brand, the first and foremost thing you need to do is have a general idea of the most sought-after filters on the market. However, how to locate them in such a big world? Here let me teach you.


First of all, type the question “Where to buy refrigerator water filters?” in the search box of Google, to see what brands the search engine would recommend to you in accordance with its calculation.


At this point, you may wonder why must I turn to Google, or can I use any other search engines like Yahoo, Bing or DuckDuckGo. In the following part, you will be able to find the answer.


The world’s biggest search engine boasting billions of users, Google, by employing the latest calculation technology, has set up a massive database which can not only offer you the information you’re in need but also provide you with reliable recommendations in terms of shopping.


Generally speaking, Google preferentially presents shopping sites on which consumers spend more time and places more orders to its users. In other words, the higher the websites rank, the more reliable they tend to be, or vice versa.


However, it should be noted that Google’s sponsors don’t apply to this rule. As part of its benefit mode, the search engine also ranks high the goods of its cooperative enterprises on its pages. Usually, those shopping sites are marked “Advertisement” to remind its users to make a distinction.


Locate Filter Brands
local store

The next step is to locate the top 2 filter brands in the advertisement rank and the top 10 filter brands in the recommendation rank. The former includes Frigidaire and Samsung, while the latter includes Best Buy, Lowe’s, Discount Filters, All Filters, Filters Fast, Fridge Filters, The Home Depot. Note the recommendations by Google vary from time to time.


As a consumer, you must take quality, price, and delivery most seriously while shopping online. With these three priorities in mind, I’d like to take several minutes to analyze the pros and cons of some of the filter brands above.


Discount Filters

discountfilters logo

Pros: Various sizes, NSF-certified, free delivery & return

Cons: Relatively expensive


Discount Filters provides a wide range of filters, so you can access nearly all brands including Whirlpool, GE, Frigidaire and LG on this shopping site.


No need to worry you may be lost in finding your desired filter on Discount Filters since there are powerful search functions and graphic instructions available.


For example, you want to buy the 4396841 refrigerator water filter, type it in the search box. The page will show you the product, and below it you will see the price and the way to buy it home. Or you can find it according to the graphic instructions. Very convenient!


Most filters on Discount Filters are NSF-certified, so you can place an order on this shopping site without worrying buy ineffective products.


Besides, Discount Filters never charges for shipping and returns, meaning you not only save a trip to the store, but also don’t have to pay a dime (or a dollar) for delivery right to your door. Also, you are allowed to return your item for free if you’re not satisfied with it.


The problem is Discount Filters sells its goods at a varied price, with each one costing you from $15-$50. If your desired filter is expensive on this site and you care much about cost, you may consider other brands. After all, $50 for a single filter is a potential economic burden for ordinary American households.



frigidaire logo

Pros: OEM filters, free return

Cons: Limited in sizes, expensive


Frigidaire only sells OEM filters compatible with refrigerators made by itself, thus you’re free from worrying about buying fake products on this official website. If your refrigerator is Frigidaire, it’s a good choice to some extent.


Frigidaire also provides free shipping to orders above $25.00. Those under $25 shipped to an address within the Continental United States will be charged a flat rate of $6.95 for ground shipping.


If you receive an item that is damaged or defective, Frigidaire promises to replace or refund it at no cost to you if returned within 90 days after receipt.


The biggest disadvantage is its filter sizes are relatively limited, meaning you can’t find filters for refrigerator models like Whirlpool, LG, and GE.


Besides, prices on Frigidaire are not cheap - costing you roughly $20-$50 for single one.


Best Buy:

best buy

Pros: Various sizes, NSF-certified

Cons: Expensive


Best Buy offers service to consumers in the US, Canada and Mexico, so even if you’re not in the US you can still purchases filters from it.


On this shopping site, you can find filters compatible with Samsung, LG, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Bosch & Thermador and so on, and most of them are NSF-certified.


It also sometimes offers free shipping for specific shipping options in select categories.


The problem is that filters on Best Buy are relatively expensive. Just a single filter is sold at nearly $50, with some even exceeding $100 for just one. If you care much about cost, I suggest you consider other brands.




Cons: Hard to locate filters, expensive

To be honest, it’s not easy to find the refrigerator water filter home on Lowe’s since it’s a shopping site selling various household appliances. You have to type “refrigerator water filter” in the search box, and then work hard to find the filter home.


Lowe’s sells Bluefall, Everydrop, Culligan, Mist, Whirlpool and Ecopure filters, with most of them sold at least $50.


It only offers free shipping to orders worthy of $45 or more.


All Filters


Pros: Various sizes, NSF-certified

Cons: Expensive, shipping fees


All Filters sells filters only and has detailed categorizations, so it’s easy for you to find your desired filter types on this shopping site.


It also specifically marks its filters “NSF” to tell consumers its products are effective in purifying water.


All Filters provides free shipping to orders above $99, and guarantees you can receive your items within 2-7 working days.


Price on this website varies, but often starts at $40, slightly cheaper than filters listed above.


Filters Fast

filterfast logo


Pros: Detailed categorization, NSF-certified, relatively affordable

Cons: High free shipping requirement


Filters Fast sells a wide range of filters, including Maytag, GE, Kenmore, and LG, and you can easily find your desired filters according to the graphic instructions. Some but not all of its filters are NSF-certified.


Filter price on this shopping site varies, normally starting from $20.


It only offers free shipping on orders over $75.


Fridge Filters

fridge filters


Pros: Various sizes 

Cons: High free shipping requirement


Fridge Filters boasts selling all filters at a low price. It’s true that we can find nearly all filters on this shopping site, but some of the filters, to be honest, are not cheap, with the price ranging from $30 to $50.


It only offer free shipping on orders over $75, and you can receive your items within 4-8 working days.


Mountain Flow

mountain flow


Pros: Quality, Affordable, Sri Lankan coconut shell

Cons: No LG, Samsung filters


As a NSF-certified filter brand, Mountain Flow can remove most hard-to-deal-with contaminants in tap water, such as heavy metals, chemicals, chlorine, lead, mercury, and microbial cysts, as its instructions show. Therefore, you’re free from water pollution after installing it on your refrigerator.


All of Mountain Flow filters’ activated carbon are made of Sri Lankan coconut shell. This is a substance with high absorption capacity.


Besides, compared with other brands, Mountain Flow is relatively affordable, costing you $19.5 for a single one. The more you buy, the more discounts you will get.


It also carries out promotional activities during festivals like Black Friday and Christmas, which enables its customers to enjoy more benefits.


It provides free shipping to orders over $10, and you will receive your items within 2-5 working days.


The problem is that there are no filters compatible with refrigerators like LG and Samsung.

mountain flow filter 1


It’s totally up to your actual situation to choose which brand of refrigerator water filter. If you’re living in areas with tap water of poor quality, I suggest you buy NSF-certified filters for your and your family’s health since products with this certification tend to have better performance in purifying water. If your refrigerator is Frigidaire, I suggest you purchase filters from its official website frigidaire.com. After all, OEM products are more likely to be compatible. If you are from a humble background and care much about the cost, I suggest you place orders on newly-built shopping sites for the reason that to contend for the lucrative market new investors are willing to sell their products at a lower price.


As for me, I tried multiple filter brands like everydrop and Frigidaire in the past decade. I live in Texas, and tap water here is infamously polluted, so I prioritize NSF-certified filters while deciding which brand to bring home. It’s true that old brands such as everydrop and Samsung are efficient in purifying water, but the cost, at least $50 for just one, is far beyond my budget. As a married man with three children, I have to save money to support my family. For this reason, I purchased new products like Mountain Flow. So far, everything goes smooth and my water is clear. I’ll keep a close watch of the function of this brand, and share my latest feelings with you as soon as possible. Also, I will continue trying other filter brands, and give you useful suggestions in my future posts. Please keep following me. Many thanks!

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