Here’s 5 Christmas sales promotions on Mt-Flow:

  1. 20% Off All Products
  2. 50% Off Coupon (Only 10 Quotas)
  3. Mt-Flow $30 E-Gift Card
  4. 6+1=7
  5. Free Christmas Gifts


Have you own Christmas gift ideas? Don't worry! Mt-Flow has prepared surprises for you. Let ’s take a look together. What benefits can you enjoy in Mt-Flow at Christmas?


I 20% Off All Products

All Mountain Flow products will be sold at 20% off. Tell you a secret about the coupon code. CODE:XMASALL20 (Gift cards inapplicable)


II 50% Off Coupon (Only 10 Quotas Daily)

During the promotional activity (Dec. 10-25), Mountain Flow will present 50% off coupons every day. It's time to test your speed!!! As fast you are, the best coupon you can get!


Activity Rules:

  1. We will offer 10 coupons per day, 5 will show on our shopping site and 5 will show on our FB groups👈click to join in.

(TIPS: Invite friends to the group, and the number of coupons will increase by a certain amount. The number of coupons will increase as new members join in the groups.)


  1. We will offer the coupons once a day, and 5 sheets one time at shopping site and the other 5 sheets will show on our Facebook group. You can use one of them to buy all of our goods, except gift cards and vacuum cleaner filters.


  1. These coupons are single-use, which means each code can only one person use and can only use them once. (It cannot be used in conjunction with other activities.)


  1. If our system reminds you that your coupons have been used, they ceased to be effective. (20% Coupon for all items is another best coupon you can enjoy.)(Where to get the code? You can browse the tips above.)


  1. We will present the coupons at 10 am EDT each day. Please keep concerning.


III Christmas MF E-Gift Card

Click Below Link, You can Get 2019 MF E-Gift Card:


  1. A $5 gift card with an activity value of $30 will receive three $10 discount codes in three emails immediately after purchase, which can be used as cash directly.
  2. Rush to Purchase Time: December 25th, 2019 (Limited time opening).
  3. Each order can only enjoy one discount, and one coupon code can only be used once (No expiration time is set for any coupon).
  4. If you can't receive the email, please click this link. (How to put the mailbox in the white list? )



We also prepared more benefits for friends who buy more packs! Please read on!

During our promotional activity, anyone who chooses the 6-Pack or 10-Pack packages will get 1 additional filter for free, which means you will receive 7 or 11 filters in the end. If you buy 2 6-Packs packages, you will receive 2 additional filters for free, and so on.


V Christmas Free Gifts

What??? We can still get a free gifts for Christmas! That’s TRUE!!! Keep reading~ During the Christmas event, there is also a gift box shaped button in the lower right corner of the website. Click the button to open the gift box. Inside is the Christmas gift we prepared for you.

  1. Those buying 2-Packs and 3-Packs of Refrigerator Water Filters will get a chance to choose: a USB cable or vehicle phone charger.
  1. Those buying 4-Packs or up 4-Packs will get a chance to choose: a Bluetooth headset, tablet PC wireless charger, USB cable or vehicle phone charger.

You are free to choose any gifts you want from them. There are 200 Bluetooth headsets, 200 tablet PC wireless chargers, 300 USB cables, and 1000 vehicle phone chargers available to you. Now join us to bring them home!


On behalf of all Mountain Flow staffs, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We're pleased to serve you!