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MountainFlow ULTRAWF, 242017801 Water Filter & 46-9999

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[100% commitment] Thanks to the use of better raw materials, Kenmore 9999 filters stages a better performance on refrigerators than PureSource UltraWF and FFHS2611PF.


Reasons to choose our filters:

  1. More affordable. At the same quality, our filters aremore well- priced than our rival products.
  2. More functional. Using coconut shell activated carbon as raw material, our filters upgrade itsfiltering capacity.
  3. Safer. We use newplastic as raw material in producingfilters??to ensure safety.
  4. Harder. Our filters can stand working condition of high water pressure.
  5. NSF certification. Our filters can filter out large particles of sediment, heavy metal, microorganisms, chlorine, unpleasant odor and other harmful substances.


Our filters are adapted to:

Puresource ULTRAWF, FFHS2611PF, FFHS2611PF, FGHB2844LF, FGHC2342LF, FGHC2342LF, FGHC2331LF, FGHC2331PF0, FGHB2844LF5, FGHC2844LF5, FGHC2342LFF3, FGHC2331PF6, FGHC2333131PF6, FGHC23331313131PF6, FGHC233331PF6, FGHS2644KF, FGHS2644KF, FGHS2631PF2, FGHS2355PF, FGHS2655PF, FFHN272740PS0, FFHN2740PS0, FPHS238686LFF7, FPHBHB2899LFB KF0, FGHS2631PH, FFHB2740PE, FFHB2740PP, FFHB2740PS, FFHN 2740PE, FFHN2740PP, FFHN2740PP, FFHN2740PS, FGHB2866PE, FGHB2866PP, FGHB2866PP, FGHC2342LF3, WATER FILTER, FGHC2355PF, FGHG2366PF, FGHGHN2866PF, FGHN2866PP, FGHN2866PP, FGHN2866PP, FGHN2866PP, FGHN2866PP, FGHN2866PP, FGHN2866PP, FGHN2866PP, FGHN282626631PE, FGHS2631PE, FGHS2631PP, FGUB2642LF, LGHC2342LFF0 342LFFF0, 7PF, FGHS2631PF4A, FPBS2777 RFC,??FPHS2386LF0, FGSC2335TF9,??FGHC2331PF2


Kenmore 9999, A0094E28261, PS2364646, 242017800, 242017801, 253.70341A, 253.7031321 water filter, 106.50023211, 106.51133210, RWF2200A



Installation instructions

  1. Open the filter dooron the upper left corner??of the refrigerator.
  2. Discardthe old filter and remove the new filter from the package.
  3. Push the new filer into the slot and keep the product pointing outside.
  4. Flush the new filterby running water through the line for approximately 5 minutes until the fluid??becomes??clear and??run??stead.



Used In Brands:


Manufacturer' s ID:


Actual Size ( inches ):

(outside diameter)



Carbon Block

Filter Life (months):

6 mouths

Micron Rating (microns):


Operating Pressure (psi):


Operating Temperature (degree F):

33 - 100

Flow Rate (gpm):



NSF/ ANSI Standard 42